Book covers for The power of input and The power of output by Kabasawa Shion


At the end of 2020, an uneasy feeling loomed over me as I reflected on my learning, progress, and achievements over the past 12 months. After reading numerous books, becoming CSPO certified, completing different design challenges, and getting a promotion at work, I failed to articulate the value of the…

Reflecting on my first #100DayChallenge

Stamp designs from cities I’ve visited

Over the 2020 lockdown period, friends and colleagues around me turned to old hobbies or took up new ones as a form of emotional outlet, some started their online businesses, while others created podcasts. …

As you may have noticed, our “normal” way of living has been disrupted, COVID-19 measures have caused an unprecedented number of people to shift their lives online, this includes working 100% remotely. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to design, lead and facilitate a 3-day customer workshop with a…

Animal Crossing New Horizon (ACNH) is one of my most anticipated games to play in 2020. It’s been a great companion during the COVID-19 lockdown, but after around 30hrs of playtime over the past three weeks, I have one unshakeable feeling:

This game feels unnecessarily “grind-y”.

I believe there is…

Our team at the EEF Hackathon

Thursday 19/04/18, was the hottest April day recorded in London in 70 years. Instead of making the most out of the rare London sunshine, I spent my day at Huckletree London, attending a Hackathon hosted by The EEF.

The EEF — the largest sectoral employers’ organisation in the UK, believes…

Okay Google, Bring The Beat In.

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I was lucky enough to win myself a Google Home Mini from the Google Donut Shop event at the Westfield Shopping Mall last week. Here are 3 things I learnt from using the smart speaker/home assistant in the past week.

1. There is no need to learn anything new

The device/technology was very…

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